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Wife swapping in Silverado CA

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I was taking my now 4 month old son and our dog for a ride this afternoon when I was rear ended by a car going 30 miles per hour.

I barely felt the impact and neither my son he was checked out at the hospital to make sure or dog seemed to be impacted by the collision. When I examined my truck, there was not even a scratch on the bumper. I wanted to thank you for the quality of the product and the fact that it did what was advertised.

Timmothy Brusseau, Brockport, NY. The results of that stupidity for you are vehicle damage, whiplash, higher insurance rates and a Car Fax report devaluing your vehicle — and no matter what you do, you cannot stop them.

If you have a vehicle equipped with a receiver hitch you already know how strong it is and it will prevent some of your vehicle damage in a rear end collision… But a receiver hitch alone can only protect your vehicle: All receiver hitch products like the ones shown here were built for a specific purpose like carrying , stepping , hauling , towing , recovery , etc.

Receiver hitches alone — without anything in them — increase rigidity. Consequently anything else you pin into your receiver hitch that is not energy absorbing like the products above will simply move this whiplash problem outward.

The danger — women and children are already 3 times more likely to get injured from whiplash then men because their necks are not as strong. Even impacts as little as 3 mph put your wife and kids at risk. I was in a bad car accident a year ago and this gives me such peace of mind. I believe I received more product than what I paid. I wish that was the case with all aftermarket vendors. Thanks for a great product…Best bang for the buck! If you have back up sensors see our chart.

Bumper Shield on a Ford Expediton. Check our back up alarm chart. Helps reduce and prevent damage from rear end collisions. Reduce or prevent rear end collision damage and helps avoid whiplash! For all vehicles with a 2" Receiver Hitch. That bumper has taken so many hits for me — mostly low speed parallel parking rubs, and it bears its scars proudly until I re-spray it from time to time and it turns up like new!

About 3 months ago I was rear-ended it was low speed by an old lady in a monstrous Cadillac sedan. No damage to me at all — it was nice to not worry about anything.

Great product — just thought I would drop you a line to tell you being I recently had it off for some well-deserved maintenance! She was hit by a Honda Accord and the Superbumper suffered only a few small scratches to the finish and the black skid pads. The Honda Headlight and left front bumper were smashed! Yesterday two co-workers told me they were going to order some for their trucks.

Read More Customer Reviews below. It absorbs impact up to 30 mph — and that means it will reduce damage from rear end collision and whiplash too! In other words, one product protects you and your family from whiplash ; your vehicle from damage ; and your insurance from rising! Because receiver hitches are so strong they prevent vehicle damage. And although you may think that is a good thing big problems arise if someone in your vehicle gets injured.

The insurance company will access your vehicle damage and say: In my 68 years of driving, no other automotive accessory has even come close to giving me such a genuine feeling of safety and security.

Although, and thank goodness, it has never been forced to reveal its true worth, it has kept other vehicles from getting too close — or worse. I daresay I speak for everyone when I say we owe you our deepest gratitude for the thousands of injuries and even deaths you have prevented by virtue of the product you conceived and designed and are now manufacturing and marketing.

Hi Jeff, my name is John Davidson and I purchased one of your products a year or two ago and I just wanted to give you the story of what happened to it.

Yesterday I was driving north on I65 at about 60 mph when I hydroplaned and spun completely around. A few seconds later I slid into the median and up and over a large hill still going backwards. I kept sliding backwards down the other side of the hill until I crashed backwards into a ditch full of large rocks. I hit the driver side of my rear bumper as well as the Sparebumper hard enough to lift the front end off the ground and then bounce the back end up and over the ditch, finally stopping about 10 feet from oncoming traffic with my front right wheel still in the ditch.

After all that came to an end and making sure all my family was ok, I got out to survey the damage. There was minimal damage to my actual bumper and the Sparebumper was bent and dented but did not break. When the tow truck got there he actually placed a hook around the Sparebumper and literally pulled the truck out sideways! I just thought you would like to hear how much your product helped us out yesterday. I attached some pictures as well. I plan on buying another one pretty soon. Hi Jeff, Just so you know, we are very satisfied with your product.

She also has herniated discs in her neck and has had cervical fusion surgery, so the whiplash reduction was also a selling point. The girl that hit us had to be doing at least mph since it was a pretty loud impact sound, but we were barely jostled and neither our truck bumper nor frame had any damage. Sadly, the Sparebumper was bent and we will be needing a new one. I was curious if the warranty will cover this?

We will be picking up the police report tomorrow. Again, I want to thank you for this product because it saved the truck from damage, as well as protected us and our dogs from whiplash. I will attach some pictures of the bent Sparebumper.

I have had my Sparebumper installed for a couple years on my Toyota Tacoma. Today while sitting in stop and go traffic on outskirts of Baltimore, I was hit in the rear. The striking vehicle was a Yukon Denali, that was going at least 15 mph. The truck took a pretty good jolt, but when I got out to look there was no damage to the Sparebumper or my truck, other than the end caps falling off. The Yukon had a pretty good dent in the front bumper. I continued the drive to work and then the approximately mile ride home at the end of the day and there were no issues with my truck.

I cannot express how happy I am with this product. Your product works great and performed exactly as advertised! I was stopped at a traffic light in a busy area during a frantic lunch break when I heard the screeching of tires behind me.

A vehicle slammed into the Jeep that was just behind me and then that Jeep impacted me and pushed me several feet forward. I got out of my car to inspect and saw that my Bumper Shield had been hit hard and was bent, but there was no damage to my car at all!

The Jeep had some dents and compression to its bumper, but the car that did the initial impact had its front end completely pushed in. While we were waiting for the police to complete their report, everyone wanted to know where I got the Bumper Shield.

They were impressed with how well it worked. Thanks for making a great product that really works! Hi Jeff, I just wanted to write and say thank you.

My neck is a little sore, but I hit the thing pretty hard. Bent the crap out of my Magnum see attached , and I definitely felt the slow give rather than the full on stop and crunch. Hi Jeff, well I finally made use of the Sparebumper I got from you a couple years ago. Yesterday I was sitting at a red light and saw in my rear view mirror a pickup truck coming up on me.

I could tell the driver was distracted talking on a cell phone and just knew he would not be able to stop in time. He rear ended my truck without even hitting his brakes. Fortunately he was not traveling very fast. You can see in the pictures that the bumper took the impact.

The truck bumper was scratched a little but no real damage and I was not injured at all. This super bumper is a great device. And I am getting a replacement for it now. Oh just for information, the individual that hit me, did not stay around. The damage to his vehicle was much worse than mine but his vehicle still operated. We agreed to pull over into a parking lot to exchange info and when I pulled into the lot he sped off in a different direction. But God is good and with the use of the Sparebumper there were no human injuries.

I am sending the pictures in a separate email. Also I would like to upgrade the new super bumper to the stainless steel model. I guess it was inevitable, but my Sparebumper paid for itself when my wife got read-ended. The Sparebumper was completely destroyed on impact, but it saved me thousands in damage to my truck. Brenda suffered no injuries. Hi Jeff, Last week, I stopped at an intersection for an ambulance on a call. I heard the BANG, but was never jolted or thrown forwarded in my seat.

We pulled into a nearby parking lot and had a look at the damage: The Sparebumper compressed about two inches on impact and popped out, as it was designed to do. The anti-rattle spacers were both destroyed. We gave the rear end a good look and could not see any other damage, aside from the hitch receiver possibly being slightly bent.


Upgrade In Silverado Lt To Lq9? - Bolt On Performance - bsbev.com

We loaded up the truck with the lowering kit and pulled it into our Eastwood tech center to bring it down to a better height. After getting the truck up on our lift, we pulled the factory rolling stock off. To remove the struts, we simply unbolted the three 15mm studs at the top and removed the two 15mm bolts holding the bottom in.

With all five fasteners removed, the strut slid right out from under the truck, which is a big perk of the new body style. Over at our coil spring compressor, swapping the factory coils for the Crown Suspension replacements was a breeze. There was one 18mm bolt that held the coil hat to the shock stem. As you can see in this side-by-side photo, the new coil is slightly shorter than the factory version, but it also has a different spring rate, which will make it compress more under load, bringing the front down 2 inches.

To complete the install, we slid the new strut back up into the truck. Using the factory hardware, we tightened everything down and made our way around to the rear of the Tahoe. In order to remove the rear coils, we first had to unbolt the lower eye of the shock. This gave the axle room to droop, taking pressure off the coil. With no pressure on it and with screw jacks supporting the axle, the coil was pulled out to make way for the replacement.

To help maintain factory suspension geometry, Crown Suspension includes this shock extender that bolts right to the shock mount and helps keep the shocks from becoming too horizontal. The clean spoke wheel design and high-mileage performance tire is a killer combo that would upgrade any new SUV.

I just don't think the Ody needs to go that far. After more long term testing, if I feel I need more rear bias which at the moment I don't , then I'll probably try more aggressive rear pads.

At the moment, I feel that this setup has hit the nail My friend who test drove my van today is rather conservative Glad to see it all finally worked out.

Can you elaborate a little more on the bending of the splash shield to make things not rub? I think I read somewhere another thread that you had to bend something and that it wouldn't quite clear the rotors if you didn't. Basically, I'm looking for details on anything that is not a direct bolt-on swap i. Hi Joe, Great Job and thanks for taking the time to document this. I have an '05 and have a few questions: After mounting the rotor and using the 2 philips screws , the lower part of the shield touches.

I pushed it in to get about 5mm clearance. In reality, it's not even an issue I got my SS lines from Techna-Fit. I didn't see the listing for the Ody on their site, but they do have them.

Call in and ask to speak to Stuart. He's a very cool guy and can take care of you. This way if I ever need to go back to stock, the original strut is fully assembled, and will be an easy swap. Rears are very easy. Thanks for the clarification Joe Did you ever investigate installing the Pilot splash shield instead of doing the bending? I didnt even consider the Pilot splash guard. Let's rephrase the tips no more "B" word.

PUSH the splash guard a little at the bottom so the brake disk doesn't touch. Hi Joe, With the aspect of balance in mind, I am looking for more balanced braking force, not too much to the front to wear tires and pads before their time not too much to the rear to "rotate" one into the guardrail, but just to distribute an equal share of the heat and energy around to all players.

I am just now coming up to speed with van. I have worked and worked to get rid of the push that is "normal" with this truck.

In the braking department, I increased the wheel cylinder bore yes it has drum brakes in the rear by an eighth of an inch, that was magic. No other changes, but it took a little pressure heat and energy off of the front.

The dust is less and the front pads will last longer. On the Sporty note, I had my truck on a fast dirt road several weeks ago, I was able to set the truck, like a rally car, rotating into the turns for the smooth throttle on slide through the corner. Yes, by myself, nobody else in the desert. Joe thanks for your input. PS Your van looks great. Do you think the Pilot splash shield would be a direct bolt-on as well so that I don't have to Push the splash shield out of the way?

Originally Posted by joe I tried to read through all the responses and I might of missed the answers to some of my concerns. But could you please clarify further the following for me? Are the pistons larger? But in the winter I use the stock 16" rims outfited with winter tires. Will the stock 16" rims clear the caliper? I looked into it, and NO.

Pilot has a 4 bolt mount, and a spindle with bolt on hubs. The Ody has a 3 bolt shield mount, and a press in hub. It's not really a big deal. Just push the Ody shield away so it doesn't rub. It's like mm less than the width of your pinky fingernail Kayakit I take it your cummins has hydroboost brakes? Very powerful stuff compared to vac boosters. As for your bias concerns, and in the spirit of keeping things simple, an low cost, I guess you can try aggressive rear pads to theortically get more rear bias again.

The Pilot brakes do help, and you will notice an improvement

I was wondering what would be involved in swapping in an SS/Vortec .. The engine hookup was almost identical, only a couple differences. I'm restoring ever mechanical part in and on my 01 Silverado .. I've spoken with numerous owners here in CA and mechanics. . The price from a GM dealer was less than a couple of national chain transmission shops. ABC's “Celebrity Wife Swap” isn't my typical TV viewing (my typical TV viewing is to leave the set off) but Tuesday's episode involved Ontario.