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J want a fuck Aberdeen date

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Allan was an excellent runner and one of the fastest swimmers in our class. Orlin Dean Nelson was his swim buddy most of the time. They were always first in the swims. Allan must have passed some healthy DNA to Clay.

Clay had a good time and placed high among the finishers of this beach run. Allan is still working his farm in Starke, FL. He was 82 years old and was the son of C. Gardner Sullivan and Ann Beatrice May. He had a diverse career in the business world serving as President, I Network. TV, I Entertainment Inc. Sullivan was an accomplished musician and composer where he produced several amateur musical productions.

He entertained and inspired people with his piano and violin playing with magical moments that came through his music. The look on his face was a distance away. The young Guzzo joined the military after Sept. This email was cleaned by emailStripper, available for free from http: If I haven't already called or emailed you, JR Schooley Class passed away yesterday afternoon with his family gathered around him.

The brain tumor he had been fighting for about 11 years finally took it's toll. He was to begin a new treatment but during the exam, they found blood clots in his lungs and legs and determined that he was he was not capable of beginning the treatments. Holly and he decided to go into Hospice late last week. I was able to speak with him a couple of weeks ago on his birthday and he was up beat.

This picture was sent to me from Holly the day after the reunion. CISM events are akin to the Olympics for members of the military throughout the world. It is a very notable achievement that Bob won three World Championships during those events. Bob will be profoundly missed by his Teammates and especially the young, aspiring athletes whose lives Bob inspired. Tommy is survived by his wife, Nancy, and daughter Avery.

A memorial service will be conducted in the greater Hartford, Ct area on Sept 2 4th, , Time to be Determine. Don't fuck with drawings and icons that you know nothing about! Finally, yes I remember the stupidity of not allowing Corpsmen to wear Dress Blues. Sep 14, at 4: John Dearmon and Jake Rhinebolt. Standing LT to RT: Harry Humphries and Erasmo Doc Riojas had hair then. Young Lions with "Demo Team" Ft. Young Lions at Muster Ft.

Looney, 29, of Owings, Md. McLendon, 30, of Thomasville, Ga. Smith, 26, of Hurland, Mo. Miranda, 24, of Toms River, N. Baldwin, 39, of Muscatine, Iowa. Chief Warrant Officer Matthew G. Wagstaff, 34, of Orem, Utah. Chief Warrant Officer Jonah D. McClellan, 26, of St. Powell, 25, of Pleasant Plains, Ill. The crash took place in the Daychopan district of Zabul province in southern Afghanistan.

Joe died on his wife's birthday. Thomas' memorial service was private, and little has been published about him.

But the year military veteran was remembered for his talents in the armed forces. John Admire wrote in an online memorial that he had recently had dinner with Thomas and "was impressed with Collin and how much he had grown since I'd known him as a youngster. Thomas, 33, of Morehead, Ky. For a time he attended Morehead State University before enlisting. He had been engaged to Sarah Saunders. His family wrote in his obituary that he was an adventurous person who always went out of his way for his fellow SEALs.

When Chief Hazelwood first came to Team 11, his reputation preceded him. He was known; for going shark hunting with "power heads", and was fearless. Another story was that he was diving in the Caribbean and found a Rolex watch that was encrusted with coral. He corresponded with Rolex, thinking they would really jump on the promotion of their product, since it started running as soon as he shook it. Rolex - in a nonchalant way said that "all of our products will perform like that" or something to that effect.

As previously stated Chief Hazelwood was in my Platoon and he went with me to do Cable repairs at Wake Island Photo previously submitted. Upon our return, the Navy came out with a program for Chiefs with 18 years or more, could apply for a commission.

I encouraged "Roy" to apply and also gave him an outstanding endorsement. We submitted the application and then departed for Kwajalein for another Cable Job. While there many incidents happened that I believe you will enjoy. Chief Hazelwood was a Master Diver and a physical Horse—he always ran wherever he went and prided himself in his abilities both mental and physical. While at Kwajalein Island proper, we worked long hours blowing channels and laying the cable.

We also conducted Aqua Lung classes for some of the people with the installation. We had a couple of engineers who were always trying to trip up the Chief who was our senior Instructor. One evening the Chief was going thru some Diving Physics and equations. These engineers immediately hopped on the Chief about the math portion. Needless to say-from that point on the Class paid close attention and were very grateful for his expertise.

One morning we went out and all four tires were Flat. It seems that Matheson and Berg had been taking bets that we would walk to work. It was obvious who had let the air out of the tires. Chief Hazelwood, found a hand-Tire pump and made them pump up the four tires to 35 lbs.

That was quite a chore and a valuable lesson. The other incident was off the Island of Aniwetoc not the Atom Bomb Island , and we were laying explosive. The Chief was always a perfectionist and ready to go, his diving partner was James Pahia. Pahia was slower in getting ready and The Chief was already in the water- He submerged and was down just a short duration when he popped to the surface and "Stepped on the Bow of the LCM", He was speechless and looked at Pahia-who was still standing on the ramp.

He walked over and punched him in the Arm. After a few minute he compose himself- he explained that he was under the LCM and something bumped him hard on the arm, he thought it was Pahia.

It happened again and he turned and saw about a 20 foot Great White Shark. The Chief received his orders for Knife and Fork school, and had to depart before the job was completed, but he was always impeccable and dedicated to his duties. He received orders to a ship and then to the East Coast. Hazelwood was going thru at the same time—He had to get a waiver because of his age. However, he out performed many of the younger men. This was during the time that President Kennedy was assassinated.

They bunched up three classes to make up the delay in the schedule — They had jump with over 20 knots of wind and jumpers scattered all over the place. However, all the Frogs completed the jump without incident. USS Lexington, a 33,ton aircraft carrier, was converted while under construction from the battle cruiser of the same name. Navy's first two aircraft carriers that were large and fast enough to be capable of serious fleet operations.

My friend and shipmate, Jim Hazelwood was an enlisted man in the U. Around the upper rim of the island was a catwalk with a platforms for machine gun mounts. At hours the Lex was under attack by torpedo and dive bombers. It exploded and kills and wounds several men on the catwalk.

Moments later, the Zero dive bombers machine guns wounds and kills many more of the men around the catwalk. It seems that a jap bomb struck and kinked the metal tube in which the lanyard, operating the whistle from the bridge was housed. When the tube bent it pulled the lanyard tight causing the whistle to continue to hoot and moan until somebody turned off the steam to it.

The Japanese did not sink the Lex. They damaged her to a degree that secondary internal fires created an inferno that cooked off airplane fuel and some 20, pounds of torpedo war-head guncotton.


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